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Diagnostic services

Our offer:

  • Technical expertise
  • Dynamic balancing of fan rotors and turbines in bearings
  • Analysis of dynamic status of RMS vibration (ISO 10816-3,4,7)
  • FFT vibration analysis, checking the condition of gears and electric motors
  • Checking the condition of SPM bearings, envelope
  • Measurement of resonance frequency
  • Laser shaft alignment (horizontal and vertical multi-shaft sets, the accuracy of 0.01 mm)
  • Laser pulley alignment (accuracy of 0.1 mm)
  • Laser measurement of centricity of seats and bearings in ship engines, shaft and turbine lines, accuracy of 0.01 mm/30 mb.
  • Laser measurement of straightness, flatness and squareness, accuracy of 0.01/30mb
  • Preventive diagnostic testing to assign machines for repairs, description of damage
  • Training in diagnostic testing