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Sales of diagnostic devices
We present our offer of the latest laser devices for shaft alignment: MASTERLIGN, OPTALIGN Plus and ROTALIGN PRO.
All laser devices from PRUFTECHNIK are based on five-dimensional measurement of movement of a single laser beam with an accuracy of 0.001 mm, regardless of the distance to the transmitter and receiver or prism. The measurement itself is carried out automatically by rotating the shafts (including not clutched) during which a few hundred readings are collected and averaged; the minimum rotation angle in 60 degrees (PRUFTECHNIK patent).
Devices and handles are light and suitable for measurements in all possible measuring conditions (large diameters, still and distant shafts), whereas the simplified measurement method can be used by briefly trained staff – the price of the device includes a 1-day training course.
The offer also includes devices for vibration analysis and status check in accordance with ISO 10816-3, which is necessary to check the condition of bearings and general condition of machines and assign them for repairs according to the trend (VIBROTIP), or in addition, FFT analysis and balancing (VIBSCANNER and VIBROCORD) as well as devices for continuous control of machines to prevent failures (VIBREX, VIBRONET). In the case of inaccessible areas, it is possible to use VIBREX modules or install fixed vibration sensors and make measurements through cables from accessible points by means of VIBSCANNER or VIBRONET system.
We would like to draw your attention to the VIBSCANNER device – despite its small size it has great functional capabilities: data collection based on PC software (OMNITREND), printing of reports with diagnostic description of machine condition, a visual representation of trends in wear of machine components, FFT analysis (to determine diagnostically complex damage) and balancing of bearings.
All the diagnostic tools are available in Ex versions.
We believe that you will appreciate the advantages of capabilities of Pruftechnik devices (accuracy, speed, recording ability) and consider the opportunity to get them at reasonable prices.